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  • RationalWiki
    A leading online anti-conspiracy community website devoted to covering critical thinking, science & skepticism.
  • Coast to Coast AM
    Nightly paranormal news show by George Noory covering the weird & bizarre.
  • Fortean Times Magazine
    British monthly magazine which explores the world of strange phenomena.
  • Haunted Magazine
    Free entertaining digital magazine about all things, ghostly, spooky & things that go bump in the night.
  • Oddity Central
    A collection of oddities that includes weird places, strange people, bizarre events, weird news, strange photos & other odd stuff from all around the world.
  • Paranormal Magazine
    A truly unique ghost hunting magazine published in UK. They also offer a collection of shows available on DVD.
  • The Paranormal Database
    A serious ongoing project to quantitatively document as many locations with paranormal & cryptozoological interest as possible in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland & the Channel Islands.

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