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  • Politico
    United States political news magazine and website reporting on and highlighting beltway political stories.
  • Breitbart News Network
    Conservative news blog publishing syndicated news & opinion website providing continuously updated headlines to top news and analysis sources.
  • Drudge Report
    Conservative political news headline aggregation website founded by Matt Drudge.
  • memeorandum
    Aggregates the latest political news and opinion from left to right and back, featuring key stories from blogs and mainstream news outlets on a single page.
  • RealClearPolitics
    American political news and polling data aggregator which aims to distill information in a clear, simple way.
  • Talking Points Memo
    Progressive news blog founded by Joshua Micah Marshall which offers breaking news and analysis.
  • The Daily Caller
    Conservative 24-hour news publication providing its audience with original reporting, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news.
  • The Huffington Post
    Broad, general-purpose news aggregation and publishing website which Arianna Huffington began as a progressive political news blog.
  • The Intercept
    Online publication founded in February of 2014 which reveals and reports on spying and surveillance programs.
  • The New Republic
    A liberal American media organization founded in 1914 dedicated to addressing today's most critical issues.
    Liberal political and general interest news site which aims to explain the news in clear language.
  • WikiLeaks
    Non-profit journalistic organization created by Julian Assange in 2006 which publishes secret information, news leaks and classified media from anonymous sources.
  • WorldNetDaily
    WND is a conservative online news & opinion website which was founded in May of 1997 by Joseph Farah.

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