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  • Memberful
    Professional membership software used by web content creators. The software works with existing websites & allows them to integrate Stripe payments, MailChimp email delivery & WordPress as the CMS.
  • aMember
    Self-hosted membership software program which enables webmasters to accept recurring membership payments, manage profiles, deliver digital content, send newsletters & run an affiliate program. The software integrates with most common CMS and blogging tools.
  • Avangate
    Global ecommerce & subscription billing platform that helps webmasters increase digital goods sales. Radu Georgescu founded the company in 2006.
  • ClickBank
    Internet marketplace which sells high-margin electronic goods like software programs, ebooks & online training courses. They display the sales rank & affiliate commission statistics near each product.
  • Digital River
    Global ecommerce solutions company founded in 1994 by Joel Ronning. They support recurring billing, microtransactions & traditional ecommerce sales.
  • E-junkie
    Service founded by Robin Kohli in 2003 which helps webmasters sell downloads, codes & tangible items on their websites. The company works with PayPal, Stripe, & more.
  • Ghost
    Headless CMS which enables creators to launch newsletters and membership websites. John O'Nolan founded the company in April 2013.
  • Locals
    Platform which makes it easy for independent creators to publish content, engage with supporters & make money from subscriptions.
  • Paddle
    All-in-one billing stack platform which helps software businesses grow without extra tools, headcount, or headache. Christian Owens founded the company in 2012.
  • Piano Media
    Service which enables media companies to build great brands, dedicated audiences & sustainable revenues. They provide experience management, paywall management, visitor segmentation & more.
  • ProfitWell
    Value based pricing strategy platform that helps subscription & SaaS companies optimize their pricing strategy by leveraging market data.
  • Recurly
    Recurring billing platform which helps publishers & software deveolopers manage subscription billing & revenue optimization. The company was founded in September of 2009 by Dan Burkhart, Isaac Hall & Tim Van Loan.
  • Rocketr
    Platform which enables people to sell digital products online while accepting credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. Rob Danielson founded the company in July of 2016.
  • SaaStr
    Website offering young founders advice on how to drive growth & build successful software businesses. Jason M. Lemke founded the company as a blog in 2012.
  • SendFox
    Email service provider which helps content creators automate mail campaigns and deliver newsletters.
  • Subscription Insider
    Publishes daily news & reports to help membership website operators benefit from industry best practices.
  • Substack
    Service which enables writers to offer paid subscription email newsletters. Chris Best & Hamish McKenzie founded the service in 2017.
  • Zuora
    Firm which creates cloud-based software on a subscription basis that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage & transform into a subscription business. The company was founded in 2007 by K.V. Rao, Cheng Zou & Tien Tzuo.

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