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  • DomainTools
    Suite of online tools which allows a person to research the history of a domain name. They archive historical server name & whois data for millions of domain names.
  • 12Whois
    Offers PDF reports showing historical whois data for a domain name along with reverse whois data.
  • ICANN Lookup
    Official tool offered by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to look up domain ownership records.
  • Security Trails
    Large global repository of historical DNS data. Users can look up MX records, WhoIs data & IP addresses used by a domain name.
    Large database of domain name whois information, name servers, IPs and related tools for searching & monitoring domain names.
    Offers Whois registration and IP address lookup features along with domain name availability.
    Offers an affordable historical domain name Whois search API offering fully parsed fields in XML or JSON formats.

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Last Updated: 16-Nov-2019