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  • DomainTools
    Suite of online tools which allows a person to research the history of a domain name. They archive historical server name & whois data for millions of domain names.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer
    Professional domaining tools for finding desirable expiring & expired domain names.
  • Domain Research Tool
    Desktop software for domain industry professionals which allows them to find, track & acquire valuable domains.
    Provides a complete lists of internet top-level registered domains across over 1,000 zone files. Provides web & API access.
  • DomCop
    Interactive tool which enables people to find expiring domains with desirable metrics from a variety of third party tool providers like Alexa, Moz, Majestic & SEMrush.
  • RegisterCompass
    Tool which helps domain speculators uncover expiring & auctioned domain names with desirable properties like quality online citations & coveted generically descriptive names.

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Last Updated: 2-Mar-2018