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  • NameBio
    Searchable database of publicly sold domain names which highlights when they were acquired and what price was paid.
    Comprehensive database of public domain name sales which lists over 1,500,000 completed transactions. Their site offers numerous advanced Boolean search options.
  • DomainNameStats
    Publishes up-to-date domain name stats on all top level domains (TLDs) that exist on the Internet, including gTLD and ccTLD domain stats for registries and registrars.
  • EstiBot
    Service which provides free online domain name appraisal, valuation tools & a searchable database of prior domain sales.
  • nTLDStats
    Website tracking registration statistics for new top level domain names.
  • RegistrarStats
    Suite of online tools to research domain registrars, nameservers & top level domains.
  • ShortNames
    Website tracking the secondary market for premiumshort alphabetical & numeric domain names.

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