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  • Google
    The most widely used web search engine founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
    Web search service powered by Google which also mixes some question and answer features into their search results.
  • Baidu
    Search engine which has a dominant market share in China.
  • Bing
    Microsoft search technology which also powers search at partner sites including AOL and Yahoo.
  • Common Crawl
    Non-profit organization offering an open repository of web crawl data that is universally accessible & analyzable.
  • Common Search
    Nonprofit web search engine aiming to create an alternative to profit-seeking companies as an open, transparent & independent arbiter.
  • DuckDuckGo
    Privacy-focused search service created by Gabriel Weinberg which also promises not to personalize the search results.
  • Ecosia
    Search engine which leverages search-driven ad revenues to plant millions of trees.
  • Findx
    Privacy-by-default search engine with no user logging or tracking. Their ranking algorithms are open source.
  • Gigablast
    A powerful, open source search engine founded by Matt Wells in 2000.
  • HotBot
    Privacy-focused search engine which began as a meta search tool. HotWired originally launched the service on May 20, 1996.
  • Million Short
    Search engine launched by Exponential Labs on April 30, 2012. It allows searchers to quickly remove widely read website from the search results to highlight relevant results from smaller websites.
  • Mojeek
    Independent search engine founded by Marc Smith in 2009. They were the first search engine to have a no tracking privacy policy.
  • Qwant
    Privacy-focused French search engine founded in July of 2013 by Eric Leandri, Jean Manuel Rozan & Patrick Constant.
  • Searx
    A privacy-respecting & open-source metasearch engine created by Adam Tauber. They offer many advanced search filters & Boolean search options.
  • Sogou
    Chinese search company founded as a subsidiary of Sohu on August 4th of 2004.
  • StartPage
    A search service powered by Google which also includes additional privacy enhancing features.
  • YaCy
    Decentralized peer to peer search service which enables users to run their own search engine. Michael Christen founded the project in 2003.
  • Yahoo Search
    Search engine for the popular web portal which is powered through partnerships with Google and Bing & enhanced by integrating information from other sources like Yelp.
  • Yandex
    Web search service which is popular in Russian and some Eastern European countries.
  • Yippy
    Search engine offering results & topical clusters for further research & discovery. The company was founded in 2009 leveraging Vivisimo's Velocity software.

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