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    Web portal offering informational how to health guides, fitness plans & a popular community forum. Their site also has a store which sells supplements.
  • Bigger Faster Stronger
    BFS is a go-to resource for weight rooms and training facility fitness equipment across the country. The program was founded in 1976 to promote character education, athletic performance & weight room safety.
  • FLEX
    Magazine which serves as the bodybuilder's source for IFBB & NPC bodybuilding news & competitions, athletes & training, nutrition & supplements.
  • Muscle & Fitness
    Magazine offering full workout plans & advice on building muscle, improving nutrition & using supplements.
  • Muscle For Life
    Weight loss, muscle building & healthy lifestyle resource created by bestselling author Mike Matthews.
  • Muscular Development
    Monthly magazine dedicated to hardcore bodybuilding & fitness which was founded by Bob Hoffman in 1964.
  • Obi Obadike
    Personal website of the world renowned fitness expert & personal trainer who has been on the cover of over 50 health & fitness magazines.
    Publishes daily news, videos & guides to help athletes improve their training, nutrition & lifestyle. Get better at sports & the game of life.
  • Stronger by Science
    Provides lifters with practical training advice, at the cross-section of scientific analysis & under-the-bar experience.
  • T Nation
    Hardcore strength training & bodybuilding site founded in 1998. They offer user forums, blogs, video walkthroughs, guides & an online store.

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