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  • MouthHealthy
    Interactive online guide created by the American Dental Association offering free information on how to maintaining & improving oral health.
  • American Dental Association
    The ADA is a non-profit patient-centered, science-based & ethically-driven association which was founded in 1859. They are the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients.
  • ATX Family Dental
    South Austin dental firm offering preventive, cosmetic, pediatric, sedation & special service dentistry.
    Dental insurance plan & services comparison marketplace founded in 2011 by Jake Winebaum. Members can compare providers leveraging transparent price information & reviewing dentist reputation.
    Offers patients info about preventative & restorative dental procedures, along with cosmetic dentistry advice. They offer a question and answer service & help connect people with local dentists.
    Informational portal & interactive directory which helps consumers find a dentist or dental information quickly & easily.
  • Oral Health Foundation
    An independent dental charity working to improve standards of oral health and hygiene in the UK & worldwide. Find essential dental advices on how to maintain healthier teeth, gums & mouth.

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