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  • Robinhood
    Financial services company which created mobile applications offering free stock trading. The firm was founded by Baiju Bhatt & Vladimir Tenev & launched on April 18, 2013.
  • E-trade
    Low-cost online stock, mutual fund and options broker. They also publish access to market news, retirement planning advice & more.
  • Stash
    Mobile investment app founded on February 19, 2015 by Brandon Krieg, David Ronick & Edward Robinson.
  • Stockpile
    Mobile application & gift card service which enables new investors to buy fractional share ownership. Avi Lele & Sanj Kulkarni founded the company in 2010.
  • StockTwits
    Social network where passionate investors and traders share investment ideas.
  • T. Rowe Price
    A global investment management firm dedicated to helping clients achieve long term success. They offer dozens of domestic & international investment opportunities based on stocks, bonds, asset allocation & money market funds.
  • TD Ameritrade
    A top online broker offering online stock trading, long-term investing & retirement planning.

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