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  • MarketSmith
    Platform which helps investors find stocks, research their potential, and decide when to buy and sell.
  • All Star Charts
    Website by JC Parets offering expert technical analysis of financial markets.
  • Current Wave Count
    Service which offers Elliottician forecasting the movement of equity indices and commodity energy prices.
  • F.A.S.T. Graphs
    Provides a fundamentals analyzer software tool to help investors make informed decisions and spot market opportunities based on technical & fundamental indicators.
  • finviz
    Financial visualization tool & stock screener used by investors & traders. They list major insider transactions, provide charting tools & offer portfolio tracking. Juraj Duris founded the service in 2007.
  • Impactopia
    Market topology tool which helps traders understand relationships between securities, highlighting highly correlated & negatively correlated securities.
  • Index Indicators
    Provides movement, breadth & volatility charts and signals covering dozens of major stock indices from around the world.
    Publisher of index metrics including listing price changes, dividend yields, program trading probability graphs & index fair values data.
  • Koyfin
    Helps investors research stocks & other asset classes through dashboards & charting features across equities, ETFs, futures, forex, bonds, mutual funds & more.
  • Macrotrends
    Offers high quality interactive historical charts covering global stock, bond, commodity & real estate markets as well as key economic & demographic indicators.
  • Market Chameleon
    Stock and option screener which publishes earnings data, dividend calendars, news and more.
  • Market Wisdom
    Premium subscription which helps people uncover favorable swing trade & momentum investment set ups. Ivaylo lvanov & Howard Lindzon founded the service.
  • McClellan Financial Publications
    Technical analysis publication founded by Sherman McClellan. He developed the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index in 1969 with his wife Marian.
  • Multpl
    Service which charts historical data on the S&P 500 PE ratio, dividend yield & earnings history along with the 10-year US treasury bond yield.
  • NorthmanTrader
    Sven Henrich offers market analysis incorporating technical analysis & macro views to find favorable risk/return opportunities.
  • Old School Value
    Fundamental investment analysis and stock valuation software and spreadsheet models to streamline stock selection for long-term and value investors.
  • Peter T. Brandt
    The Factor Report is an educational service & community covering classical charting, risk management, the process of trading & managing emotions.
  • Portfolio Visualizer
    Backtesting tool which helps investors determine tactical asset allocation decisions, asset correlation & simulate historical performance returns.
  • QuantInsti
    Learn algorithmic trading, quantitative finance & high-frequency trading online from industry experts.
  • Quantopian
    Investing portal & crowd-sourced quantitative investment firm offering quant finance data, tools, algorithms & educational content. John Fawcett & Jean Bredeche founded the company in 2011.
  • Quantra
    Learning portal which helps people interested in algorithmic & quantitative trading understand trading strategies by using self-paced interactive multimedia courses.
  • RAVE Analytics
    Provides low-latency tools to discover market structure in real time through the use of state of the art algorithms & visualizations. They offer a market map, price & volume charts, factor analysis, pair trading & hurst exponent price dynamics for a ticker to help traders understand if moves are trending, mean reverting, or random.
  • SlickCharts
    Site which provides component breakdowns of stock market indexes as well as historical total returns data based upon price appreciation & dividends.
  • Stock Trader's Almanac
    Website which is an outgrowth of Yale Hirsch's book by the same name. It offers real-time strategic trade alerts along with decades of historical market information.
  • The Chart Report
    Blog created by a group of market technicians to share an unbiased view of the financial markets from a technical perspective.
  • Ticker Technologies
    A financial content provider offering stock tickers, news tickers & other products since 1998.
  • Topdown Charts
    Macro research service founded by Callum Thomas. They publish charts highlighting changes in economies, markets & asset classes to help asset allocators understand the markets.
  • TradingView
    Social network for traders & investors in stocks, futures & forex markets. They offer free charts, live quotes & expert trading ideas.
  • TrendSpider
    Technical analysis software which makes it easy to automate grunt work, speed back testing, reduce costly analysis mistakes, find winning chart setups, and time trades with precision.
  • YCharts
    A modern financial data research platform offering financial tools such as stock screening, charting, an Excel add-in & in-depth data for more than 20,000 stocks, 40,000 funds, 10,000 indices & 200,000 economic indicators.

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