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  • The Reformed Broker
    Joshua M Brown's personal blog offering insights into the financial markets & investing world.
  • Abnormal Returns
    Daily finance & investment blog & newsletter founded in 2005 & published by Tadas Viskanta.
  • Adventures In Capitalism
    Finance & investing blog by Harris Kupperman, a professional money manager who founded Praetorian Capital in 2003.
  • Andrew Thrasher
    Blog by a portfolio manager who specializes in technical analysis of equities, commodities, futures & currencies.
  • Behavioural Investment
    Blog by portfolio manager Joe Wiggins offering insights from behavioral research to better understand behavior & its drivers.
  • bps and pieces
    Investment blog by Phil Huber covering emerging markets, investor psychology & macro trends.
  • Contrarian Outlook
    Blog & newsletter which highlights companies & ETFs which trade at a significant discount to their net asset value (NAV).
  • Credit Writedowns
    Business news & analysis publication founded in 2008 by Edward Harrison. It covers the latest in financial, economics & technology.
  • Daniel Lacalle
    Finance & economics blog by the book author, professor & renown economist.
  • Deep Throat IPO
    Satirical blog which covers the financials behind many highly-valued tech companies which have listed publicly.
  • Dr. Ed's Blog
    Blog by Ed Yardini which discusses geopolitics, central banking, macroeconomics & the capital markets.
  • Gold Goats 'n Guns
    Tom Luongo's personal blog speaking truth, destroying narratives about politics, markets & culture.
  • Greater Fool
    Garth Turner's blog & book sharing investment insights & highlighting some of the more irrational investment decisions shared by people across Canada.
  • Howard Lindzon
    Personal blog of a financial industry entrepreneur and provocateur where he shares momentum investing advice.
  • Humble Student of the Markets
    Blog by Cam Hui which offers big picture macro analysis, quantitative analysis & financial planning advice.
  • iBankCoin
    Publishes financial content with a distinctive voice offering a fresh perspective on financial news & bold opinions on investment opportunities.
  • Investing in Chinese Stocks
    Blog covering the global capital markets with an emphasis on the political and socioeconomic conditions in China.
  • Investor Amnesia
    A website dedicated to the study of financial history. Jamie Catherwood's blog offers articles, research summaries & info on FinTwit meet-ups.
  • Ivanhoff Capital
    Personal blog of book author, momentum equity trader & options trader Ivaylo Ivanov.
  • Jesse's Cafe Americain
    Regularly updated market & economics blog which publishes charts tracking stocks, commodities & macroeconomics.
  • M Hanson Advisors
    Mark Hanson is an independent real estate & mortgage industry analyst, consultant and strategist who focuses on national residential mortgage origination, process, sales, securitization & servicing.
  • Macro Ops
    An elite intelligence network offering the resources need to become a successful global macro trader & investor.
  • Marc to Market
    Research blog authored by Marc Chandler, who has covered the global capital markets for over 30 years.
  • Market Anthropology
    Independent journal by Erik Swarts covering the global financial & capital markets.
  • Market Chess
    Blog offering technical analysis of trends across the financial markets.
  • Pension Pulse
    Blog by Leo Kolivakis analyzing the capital markets. He is a buy and sell-side analyst which has worked with large public pension funds in Canada.
  • Philosophical Economics
    Blog eponymously published under the name Jesse Livermore which offers advanced analysis & contrarian insights into the capital markets.
  • Ramp Capital
    Blog associated with the popular Twitter parody account of high frequency traders & Federal Reserve actions.
    Blog by Chris Carey which highlights companies with suspicious accounting & self-dealing.
  • The Big Picture
    Personal blog of Barry Ritholtz, which publishes macroeconomic news and perspective. Includes economic analysis, capital market commentary and geopolitical views.
  • The Fat Pitch
    Blog by Urban Carmel highlighting market sentiment, volatility, trends & macroeconomic conditions.
  • The Felder Report
    Blog & podcast series which Jesse Felder began in 2005 to help educate & inform individual investors about key issues which drive success in the financial markets.
  • The Institutional Risk Analyst
    A weekly commentary on the capital markets published by Chris Whalen.
  • The Investor's Field Guide
    Blog, podcast & book club by Patrick O'Shaughnessy which teaches investors strategies to beat the market.
  • The Macro Tourist
    Insightful & original investing and macroeconomics blog authored by Kevin Muir.
  • The Sounding Line
    Blog publishing research, news & insights into the changing world of finance & global economics.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
    Blog & newsletter by Grant Williams where he casts a sardonic but insightful eye over the world of finance and attempts to make sense of an ever-crazier landscape.
  • True Blue Will Never Stain
    Blog by Martin Hutchinson offering insights on macroeconomics & the capital markets.
  • Visual Capitalist
    Business & investing blog founded by Jeff Desjardins in 2011. They publish unique visual content to help investors & business owners understand current trends & discover new opportunities.

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