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  • The Reformed Broker
    Joshua M Brown's personal blog offering insights into the financial markets & investing world.
  • Abnormal Returns
    Daily finance & investment blog & newsletter founded in 2005 & published by Tadas Viskanta.
  • Adventures In Capitalism
    Finance & investing blog by Harris Kupperman, a professional money manager who founded Praetorian Capital in 2003.
  • Andrew Thrasher
    Blog by a portfolio manager who specializes in technical analysis of equities, commodities, futures & currencies.
  • Behavioural Investment
    Blog by portfolio manager Joe Wiggins offering insights from behavioral research to better understand behavior & its drivers.
  • bps and pieces
    Investment blog by Phil Huber covering emerging markets, investor psychology & macro trends.
  • Chris Perruna
    Investment and financial markets blog by architect and project manager with nearly 2 decades of professional experience.
  • Contrarian Outlook
    Blog & newsletter which highlights companies & ETFs which trade at a significant discount to their net asset value (NAV).
  • Credit Writedowns
    Business news & analysis publication founded in 2008 by Edward Harrison. It covers the latest in financial, economics & technology.
  • Daniel Lacalle
    Finance & economics blog by the book author, professor & renown economist.
  • Deep Throat IPO
    Satirical blog which covers the financials behind many highly-valued tech companies which have listed publicly.
  • Dr. Ed's Blog
    Blog by Ed Yardini which discusses geopolitics, central banking, macroeconomics & the capital markets.
  • Gold Goats 'n Guns
    Tom Luongo's personal blog speaking truth, destroying narratives about politics, markets & culture.
  • Greater Fool
    Garth Turner's blog & book sharing investment insights & highlighting some of the more irrational investment decisions shared by people across Canada.
  • Howard Lindzon
    Personal blog of a financial industry entrepreneur and provocateur where he shares momentum investing advice.
  • Humble Student of the Markets
    Blog by Cam Hui which offers big picture macro analysis, quantitative analysis & financial planning advice.
  • iBankCoin
    Publishes financial content with a distinctive voice offering a fresh perspective on financial news & bold opinions on investment opportunities.
  • Investing in Chinese Stocks
    Blog covering the global capital markets with an emphasis on the political and socioeconomic conditions in China.
  • Investor Amnesia
    A website dedicated to the study of financial history. Jamie Catherwood's blog offers articles, research summaries & info on FinTwit meet-ups.
  • Ivanhoff Capital
    Personal blog of book author, momentum equity trader & options trader Ivaylo Ivanov.
  • Jesse's Cafe Americain
    Regularly updated market & economics blog which publishes charts tracking stocks, commodities & macroeconomics.
  • Lyn Alden
    Personal blog offering equity research & investment strategies to give insights needed for managing money through all market conditions.
  • M Hanson Advisors
    Mark Hanson is an independent real estate & mortgage industry analyst, consultant and strategist who focuses on national residential mortgage origination, process, sales, securitization & servicing.
  • Macro Ops
    An elite intelligence network offering the resources need to become a successful global macro trader & investor.
  • Marc to Market
    Research blog authored by Marc Chandler, who has covered the global capital markets for over 30 years.
  • Market Anthropology
    Independent journal by Erik Swarts covering the global financial & capital markets.
  • Market Chess
    Blog offering technical analysis of trends across the financial markets.
  • My Worst Investment Ever
    Blog and podcast created by Stotz Investment Research CEO Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA. He interviews well-known risk managers to help explore set ups for particularly painful trades & poor-performing investments.
  • Pension Pulse
    Blog by Leo Kolivakis analyzing the capital markets. He is a buy and sell-side analyst which has worked with large public pension funds in Canada.
  • Philosophical Economics
    Blog eponymously published under the name Jesse Livermore which offers advanced analysis & contrarian insights into the capital markets.
  • Ramp Capital
    Blog associated with the popular Twitter parody account of high frequency traders & Federal Reserve actions.
  • Raper Capital
    Jeremy Raper publishes random musings on companies, markets, and other finance-related shenanigans.
  • Risk Reversal
    Blog by Dan Nathan offering market observations on the capital markets while highlighting how he uses options to express his beliefs.
    Blog by Chris Carey which highlights companies with suspicious accounting & self-dealing.
  • The Big Picture
    Personal blog of Barry Ritholtz, which publishes macroeconomic news and perspective. Includes economic analysis, capital market commentary and geopolitical views.
  • The Fat Pitch
    Blog by Urban Carmel highlighting market sentiment, volatility, trends & macroeconomic conditions.
  • The Felder Report
    Blog & podcast series which Jesse Felder began in 2005 to help educate & inform individual investors about key issues which drive success in the financial markets.
  • The Institutional Risk Analyst
    A weekly commentary on the capital markets published by Chris Whalen.
  • The Investor's Field Guide
    Blog, podcast & book club by Patrick O'Shaughnessy which teaches investors strategies to beat the market.
  • The Macro Tourist
    Insightful & original investing and macroeconomics blog authored by Kevin Muir.
  • The Sounding Line
    Blog publishing research, news & insights into the changing world of finance & global economics.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
    Blog & newsletter by Grant Williams where he casts a sardonic but insightful eye over the world of finance and attempts to make sense of an ever-crazier landscape.
  • True Blue Will Never Stain
    Blog by Martin Hutchinson offering insights on macroeconomics & the capital markets.
  • Visual Capitalist
    Business & investing blog founded by Jeff Desjardins in 2011. They publish unique visual content to help investors & business owners understand current trends & discover new opportunities.

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