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  • Abraham Trading Company
    Research-driven commodity trading advisor & commodity pool operator founded in 1990. The company is managed by Salem Abraham.
  • Albert Bridge Capital
    Company which manages long-only equity portfolios for institutional investors seeking alpha through a rigorous, fundamental, process-oriented research process.
  • Alhambra Investments
    Financial planning, market research & asset management company founded in 2006 by Joe Calhoun.
  • Artemis Capital Management
    Systematic, quantitative and behavioral trading firm founded by Christopher Cole, CFA.
  • Avalon Advisors
    Houston-based independent Registered Investment Advisor offering proprietary investment management & financial advice.
  • Betterment
    Automated investing service that aims to provide optimized investment returns for individual, IRA, 401k & rollover accounts. The company was founded in 2008 by Jon Stein & Eli Broverman.
  • BlackRock
    Large asset manager guiding individuals, financial professionals & institutions in building better financial futures. The company was founded in 1988 as a risk management & fixed-income asset management firm for institutional clients.
  • BNY Mellon
    Global American financial services & banking corporation founded in 2007 through the merger of Mellon Financial Corporation & The Bank of New York. They are known for managing & servicing the investments of institutions & high net-worth individuals.
  • Bridgewater Associates
    Institutional asset & investment management firm founded by Ray Dalio in 1975. They manage over $100 billion in assets for hundreds of large & sophisticated institutional clients.
  • BrokerCheck
    Tool provided by FINRA to help investors find investment brokers & financial advisors. It displays employment history, certifications, licenses & any violations for brokers & investment advisors.
  • Ciovacco Capital Management
    Offers the CCM Market Model, which is an evidence-based investment tool used to manage discretionary accounts for individual investors.
  • Compound Advisors
    Asset management firm which manages active portfolios seeking long-term capital appreciation. The company was founded by Charlie Bilello and Howard Lindzon.
  • Confluence
    Provider of data-driven managed investment solutions which help optimize efficiency & control. Mark Evans founded the company in 1991.
  • East West Investment Management
    Toronto investment management firm serving high net worth Canadians. Richard Phillips founded the company in 2009.
  • Elm Partners
    Investment manager designed for those who want an investment solution that provides a diversified, efficient & liquid portfolio. They actively invest in indexes using low-cost, well-constructed index funds & ETFs. Victor Haghani founded the company in 2011.
  • Equitile Investments
    UK fund management firm founded by Andrew McNally & George Cooper.
  • First Eagle Investment Management
    Independent US investment management company which was founded in 1803 as S. Bleichroeder.
  • First Pacific Advisors
    Independently owned & operated Los Angeles-based investment management firm with an emphasis on value investing.
  • Gluskin Sheff
    Canadian independent wealth management company founded in 1984 by Ira Gluskin & Gerald Sheff.
  • Greenhaven Road Capital
    Boutique investment management firm founded by Scott Miller which describes itself as contrarian, patient & opportunity-focused.
  • Hamilton Lane
    Alternative investment management firm providing innovative private markets services to sophisticated investors around the world. Leslie Brun founded the firm in 1991.
  • Hoisington Investment Management Company
    Investment advisor which manages funds for corporate pensions, charitable organizations & insurance companies.
  • Krueger & Catalano
    Investment advisory service founded by Ryan Krueger and Mike Catalano. They provide each client a custom income plan.
  • Kynikos Associates
    Asset management firm founded by James S. Chanos in 1985. They are known as an outspoken voice for short sellers & offer services to corporations, individuals, trusts, pensions & sovereign wealth funds.
  • Man Group
    Technology-empowered active investment management focused on delivering performance and client solutions. The company was founded by James Man in 1783 as a sugar cooperage and brokerage.
  • Motif
    An online brokerage built on thematic portfolios, of up to 30 stocks & ETFs, which can be customized and traded at discount prices.
  • Movement Capital
    Firm which provides investment management & portfolio consulting services for a flat fee. Adam Collins founded the company in 2015.
  • NTB Financial Corporation
    Independent securities, asset management & investment banking company founded in 1977 which helps corporations raise capital using debt & equity financing.
  • O'Shaughnessy Asset Management
    OSAM is a quantitative money management firm based in Stamford. They deliver a broad range of equity portfolios to institutional & individual investors.
  • Oaktree Capital
    Global asset management firm which specializes in alternative investment strategies including distressed credit. The company was founded in April of 1995 by Howard Marks, Bruce Karsh, Steve Kaplan, Larry Keele, Richard Masson & Sheldon Stone.
  • Personal Capital
    Wealth management firm offering online asset management & investment advice & strategies. The company was founded on July 1, 2009 by Louie Gasparini, Bill Harris & Rob Foregger.
  • Russell Investments
    Global market multi-asset solutions provider which serves institutional investors, financial advisors & individual investors. Frank Russell founded the firm in 1936.
  • Saxo Bank
    Fully licensed & regulated Danish bank specialising in online trading & investment across global financial markets. The brokerage company was founded in 1992 by Lars Seier Christensen, Kim Fournais & Marc Hauschildt.
  • Schroders
    Global investment manager which helps institutions, intermediaries & individuals reach their goals & prepare for the future. The British company was founded in 1804 by Johann Heinrich Schroder.
  • State Street
    Global American financial services company which provides investment management, servicing & administration; research & trading; & financial data analytics for institutional investors.
  • Sure Dividend Asset Management
    Flat-fee service provider which builds customized, personalized portfolios of high-quality dividend stocks using a long-term plan.
  • ThinkAdvisor
    Publication specializing in delivering investment news, in-depth analysis, market data & tools financial advisors need to grow their businesses & their bottom line.
  • Thun Financial Advisors
    A fee-only investment management & financial planning firm which serves clients who reside both in & outside the United States.
  • UBS
    Global Swiss financial services firm operating in over 50 countries. They are well known for wealth management, asset management & investment banking services.
  • Verdad
    Global asset management firm which strives to offer high risk-adjusted returns by investing in deep-value public companies. Dan Rasmussen founded the company.
  • Wealth Management Institute
    The WMI has offered practice-based wealth and asset management education and research online for over a decade. GIC and Temasek founded the organization in 2003. They have served over 10,000 customers from over 100 financial institutions across dozens of countries.
  • Wealthfront
    Automated wealth management & investment service founded in 2008 by Andy Rachleff & Dan Carroll.
  • Wealthsimple
    Automated investment platform founded in 2014 by Michael Katchen. They provide an easy-to-use approach to build a diversified portfolio of low-fee funds in minutes.

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