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  • American Bankruptcy Institute
    The ABI is a national association of professionals in the bankruptcy industry. Membership spans a broad range of participants including attorneys, auctioneers, bankers, judges, lenders, professors, accounts & turnaround specialists.
  • American Fair Credit Council
    Organization of debt settlement companies built to help set industry standards.
    Online calculation tool which makes it easy for a person to estimate how long it will take to pay off their debt & show how much debt they will have remaining at any point in time based on a straight line amortization.
  • Arrest Your Debt
    Debt management, budgeting and wealth building blog founded by police officer Ryan Luke in September 2018.
    Official site of American Consumer Credit Counseling. They help consumers reduce debt though debt relief, debt consolidation and debt management programs.
  • Debt Economics
    Resource which seeks to understand the current performance of the economy through the ratio of private debt to GDP. It is a project of the The Governor's Woods Foundation.
  • Encore Capital Group
    Debt buyer which purchase consumer receivables from banks, retailers & telecommunications companies.
  • Happy Money
    Consumer finance company which works with credit unions to offer loans to help consumers pay off other high interest debts. The company was founded on January 1, 2009 by Eden Warner & Scott Saunders.
  • Man Vs. Debt
    Personal debt management blog created by Adam & Courtney Baker. They encourage people to sell material goods so they can pay off debt & do what they love.
  • Money Management International
    MMI is a nonprofit organization helping consumers create, restore, and maintain a life of financial wellness through empowered choices.
  • NFCC
    The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is a nonprofit financial counseling organization offering consumers credit and debt advice.
  • PRA Group
    Company which specializes in acquiring & collecting upon nonperforming loans. The company was founded in March of 1996 as Portfolio Recovery Associates by Kevin Stevenson & Steve Fredrickson.
  • Purchasing Power
    Specialty ecommerce company which allows millions of Americans to shop brand-name products online & pay for them over time through payroll deductions.
  • ReadyForZero
    Financial software company which helps people manage their personal finances to pay down debt & improve their credit scores. The company was founded on May 1, 2010 by Rod Ebrahimi & Ignacio Thayer.
  • Strike Debt
    A nationwide movement of debt resisters fighting for economic justice and democratic freedom.
  • Take Charge America
    Nonprofit credit counseling agency which provides debt management services to get people out of debt.
  • The Debt Collective
    Organization which was created in 2012 to help debtors renegotiate & resist their debts.

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