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Directory of online and offline consumer market research tools and companies. Includes Internet marketing competitive intelligence tools & offline data aggregators & researchers.


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  • 1010data
    Offers an enterprise-scale, self-service platform for data management, analytics & application building. Joel Kaplan & Sandy Steier founded the big data market research company in 2000.
  • Adbeat
    Offers a suite of competitive intelligence solutions for tracking online display advertising campaigns.
  • Allora
    Provides lists of websites using different web technologies with contacts & traffic ranks across over a quarter billion domains.
  • B2B International
    A leading B2B market research company offering international research reach and deep industry experience helps top B2B brands realise their potential.
  • Behavioural Dynamics Institute
    BDI is a London-based research center dedicated to advancing methods of influence and group behaviour change.
  • Channel Pro
    A destination for news, analysis, opinion and advice for VARs & IT distributors.
    Sells aggregate anonymized browsing data based on dataset of millions of global users.
  • comScore
    A cross-platform measurement company that precisely measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior everywhere.
  • Ebiquity
    Company founded in 1997 which is a leading provider of independent marketing analytics to global brands. They measure media value, help brands optimize budget allocation & provide consulting services.
  • ecommerceDB
    Interactive database of online sales data for over 6,000 stores worldwide.
  • FierceRetail
    Covers the latest news in the retail industry including multi-channel retailing strategies, data analytics, supply chain management & more.
  • Fung Global Retail & Technology
    Company offering research, analysis, thought leadership & advisory services to help retailers & investors define the future by better navigating changes at the intersection of retail, technology & fashion.
  • G&R Research & Consulting
    Consultancy working with companies to apply proven advertising research solutions for understanding audiences and improving the effectiveness of their communications.
  • Gartner
    Information technology research & advisory firm founded in 1979 by Gideon Gartner. They help global technology business leaders make informed decisions on key initiatives.
  • GlobalWebIndex
    Consumer data provider offering marketers digital analytics & audience insights tools. They offer a global view based on direct cross-device user tracking.
  • Google Correlate
    Tool which allows users to enter a term & see a list of other related terms which have similarly correlated search behavior.
  • GreenBook
    Interactive online directory of market research companies, focus group facilities, moderators, online marketing research firms & consultants.
  • Hubba
    Multi-channel retail SaaS & brand marketing commerce platform offering a rich, comprehensive data set of product information. Ben Zifkin founded the company in 2012.
  • IBISWorld
    Publishes expert industry market research, reports & statistics to help decision makers stay informed about market trends & forecasts.
  • IHL Group
    Boutique global research & advisory firm which specializes in offering business intelligence for technologies which have an impact on the retail, CPG & hospitality industries. Greg Buzek founded the company in 1996.
  • Informa
    Global portfolio of knowledge, event and information based businesses connecting people, providing unrivalled access to high quality, specialist intelligence and links across commercial, professional and academic communities.
  • Ipsos
    Global market & opinion research company founded in 1975 by Didier Truchot.
    Comprehensive database of nationally airing TV commercials. Sean Muller founded the real-time TV ad analytics company in 2012.
  • Jumpshot
    Big data and advanced marketing analytics platform allowing advertisers to analyze any website's traffic, customer behavior & conversion data.
  • L2
    Business intelligence firm which benchmarks digital performance of consumer brands, & provides digital research insights to help marketers grow business. Scott Galloway & Maureen Mullen founded the company on January 30, 2010.
  • Looker
    Business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps professionals explore, analyze & share real-time business analytics easily. The company was founded in 2011 by Marc Randolph, Ben Porterfield & Lloyd Tabb.
  • Luminati
    Residential IP & web proxy service which enables businesses to scrape data in bulk using idle computer time across the Hola VPN network.
  • Market Track
    Offers more than 1,700 clients, including 75 of the nation's top 100 advertisers, as well as global Fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers and brands actionable data to help maximize sales and profitability.
  • MarketsandMarkets
    Market research firm offering reports & custom research reports. They publish more than 1200 market research reports a year across 10 main industries. The company was founded in 2001 by Sandeep Sugla.
  • Moat
    Real-time, multi-platform & actionable digital marketing intelligence & tools for brands, publishers, agencies & the entire ecosystem.
  • Net Promoter System
    NPS is a widely used business management tool which enables companies to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Nielsen
    Market research service tracking what people watch, listen to & buy. Arthur Nielsen founded the company on August 24, 1923.
  • Orbital Insight
    Service which helps marketers & investors understanding global & national trends through advanced image processing & data science at petabyte scale. The company was founded in 2012 by James Crawford.
  • Pell Research
    A leading authority on industry analysis in the United States, producing over 1,000 market research reports.
  • Premise Data
    Provides real-time data and on the ground intelligence powered by a global network of contributors. They index & analyze millions of observations captured daily, unearthing connections that impact global decisions.
  • PSFK
    Provides business intelligence for elite creative professionals. They offer daily insights, an archive database, monthly trend reports, innovation briefings & workshops.
  • Qualtrics
    Software creator which makes sophisticated research simple & empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place. The web usability, analytics & market research company was founded in 2002 by Scott M. Smith, Ryan Smith, Jared Smith & Stuart Orgill.
  • Questex
    Vertical publisher which helps investors, acquirers & marketers better understand industry trends through insightful research.
  • Retail Dive
    Provides news and analysis for retail executives. They cover topics like retail tech, marketing, e-commerce, logistics, in-store operations, corporate retail news & more.
  • Scrapinghub
    Enterprise scale content extraction platform founded by Pablo Hoffman & Shane Evans.
  • Second Measure
    Company which analyzes billions of consumer credit card transactions to help investors uncover underlying market trends & the performance of specific companies. The company was founded in 2015 by Michael Babineau & Lillian Chou.
  • SimilarWeb
    Advanced website traffic and mobile app analytics traffic estimator tool which reveals a website's traffic sources & helps competitors uncover their online marketing strategies.
  • The Billion Prices Project
    The BPP tracks online prices to estimate the current level of inflation & trends across regions & categories.
  • ThoughtSpot
    AI-driven business intelligence & analytics platform which makes it easy to get answers from company data in seconds. The company was founded on June 1, 2012.
  • Trax
    Service which helps retailers improve in-store execution & audits with image recognition technology that turns everyday shelf images into real-time actionable insights. The company was founded in 2010 by Dror Feldheim & Joel Bar-El.
  • WARC
    Marketing intelligence service that helps advertisers gain knowledge, stay on top of change & uncover new insights and industry trends. They were founded in 1985 & are a global authority on advertising & media effectiveness.

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