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  • DAF Trucks
    Dutch truck manufacturing company which builds commercial vehicles for the European market. Hubert van Doorne founded the company in 1928 as Commanditaire Vennootschap Hub van Doorne's Machinefabriek.
  • DAT Services
    Company which offers a database for freight & truckload capacity. The company began as Dial-A-Truck in 1978.
  • Embark Trucks
    Company which operates self-driving semi trucks to help shippers save money on long haul routes. The company was founded in 2016 by Alex Rodrigues & Brandon Moak.
  • Freightliner Trucks
    American truck manufacturing company which engineers fuel-efficient, reliable commercial semi trucks. The company was founded in 1942.
  • Hino Motors
    Japanese manufacturer of heavy duty trucks & commercial busses which are popular across Asia. The company was founded on May 1, 1942.
  • J.B. Hunt
    Transportation company which helps customers move freight efficiently. The company was founded on August 10, 1961 by Johnelle Hunt & Johnnie Bryan Hunt.
  • KeepTruckin
    Fleet management software designer which helps trucking companies with efficiency, safety & compliance. The company was founded in 2013 by Obaid Khan, Ryan Johns & Shoaib Makani.
  • Kenworth Trucks
    Medium-duty & heavy-duty truck manufacturing company which was founded in 1912 by George T. Gerlinger and Louis Gerlinger, Jr.
  • Mack Trucks
    Construction, highway, refuse & military truck manufacturing company which was founded on June 11, 1900.
  • Next Trucking
    Freight shipping platform which helps connect shippers with truckers. Lidia Yan & Elton Chung founded the company in 2015.
  • Peterbilt
    Medium-duty & heavy-duty truck manufacturer founded in 1939 by T. A. Peterman.
  • Ryder
    Rental truck fleet owner which also provides fleet management solutions, supply chain management & logistics services. The company was founded in 1933 by James Ryder.
  • TuSimple
    Company which uses artificial intelligence software to help build autonomous delivery trucks. The company was founded in September 2015 by Jianan Hao, Mo Chen & Xiaodi Hou.
  • Uber Freight
    Long-haul freight business launched by Uber after they acquired self-driving truck startup Otto.
  • Western Star Trucks
    American manufacturer of premium Class 8 commercial vehicles built to spec for highway, vocational & off-road use. The company was founded in 1967.

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