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  • Google Fonts
    Offers a catalog of hundreds of open source fonts which can be used freely across the web.
  • DaFont
    Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, style, author or popularity.
  • Font Awesome
    A popular open-source iconic font & CSS framework created by Dave Gandy.
  • Font Squirrel
    Typography website offering a free font identifier, publishing typography news & recommending a curated collection of free fonts which can be used in commercial projects.
  • Monotype
    Digital typesetting & typeface design company founded in 1887 by Tolbert Lanston as Lanston Monotype Machine Company. Their library includes over 20,000 classic & new fonts.
  • MyFonts
    A leading online marketplace offering downloadable webfonts and desktop fonts.
  • Seanwes
    Sean McCabe's website offering online courses & an interactive community of people interested in lettering.
  • Variable Fonts
    A simple resource for finding and trying variable fonts for web browsers that support OpenType technology.

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