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    Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe is a scholar researching modernism along with renaissance & baroque art. His site shares his books, online essays & a directory of resources helpful to people interested in art history.
    Blog focused on combining art appreciation with exploring art history, a discipline that specializes in teaching people how to evaluate & interpret works of art based on their own perspective.
  • Greek Mythology
    Offers information about all Greek Gods & Goddesses along with myths of ancient Greece.
  • Institute of American Indian Arts
    The IAIA aims to empower creativity & leadership in Native Arts & cultures through higher education, life-long learning and outreach.
  • Myths and Legends from E2BN
    Animated and narrated myths, legends & folktales. Create & submit new works or delve deeper to find out origins & context.
  • Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
    Philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to the perpetuation of American Indian, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian arts & cultures nationwide. They hope to help transform community through native arts.
  • Tribal Art Magazine
    An international quarterly journal dedicated to the arts of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia & the Americas.

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